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North 2017 whip


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  • Classic Construction
  • RTM Fins
  • Great Freestyle Wave Board
  • Early Planing
  • Very Forgiving
  • Fast Bottom Turns

Easy to handle and driven by the modern Compact Shape Concept, the Whip CSC is the top choice for riders wanting a forgiving and playful board, great for small to medium waves and strapless freestyle. The Whip got a major face lift for 2017. It has a brand new outline and rocker with nose shape similar to the new Pro CSC and a wide swallow tail. The main goal with the Whip was to keep the low end speed, glide and stability, but to loosen up the turning to make it more snappy and user friendly. The main thing riders will notice is how much easier it is to do a snappy, tight top turn. Straight rails offer superior grip and stability for smooth, wide and carving turns on the wave, with a glossy feel underfoot. For the more advanced, this model is fast and ready to be pushed through aggressive bottom turns, snapping back quickly in the top turns. Prepped and ready for strapless freestyle the Whip CSC will pop, rotate and slide with great flow.

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