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Introducing an eco-minded production surfboard.  In partnership with (the auto maker) MINI’s new Countryman Plug-In Hybrid,  the MINI Eco-Hybrid surfboard utilizes ECOBOARD Project qualified EPS blanks and epoxy resins, and is hand-built at CI’s factory in Santa Barbara that has been audited by Sustainable Surf to build Gold Level ECOBOARDS.  And lastly the California stock boards are hand-delivered without any need for packaging. All MINI ECO-HYBRID boards will be our “greenest” stock board you can buy.

The MINI surfboard is a Channel Islands collaboration with Kalani Robb and MINI automotive. By incorporating our common passions for performance and having fun we developed a versatile surfboard that performs in a unusually wide range of conditions. The MINI offers a ultra relaxed rocker, wider nose, wider squash tail, thinned rails, and aggressive single to double concave with vee out the tail. Taking a page from Al’s popular Skinny Fish design the MINI incorporates all the speed and wave catching ability of a traditional fish with the performance benefits of a squash tail. Designed to work best in knee to head high surf. This board is best positioned as your go to groveler in your quiver. Ride this board 3″ – 6″ shorter than your height.

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